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Good Copywriting Makes For Successful Internet Marketing


Hi all I don’t know about you guys but when Sam & I first started out in internet marketing, got onto Intenet marketer’s mailing lists we were amazed how long many of the sales letters were, to be honest I still am.

Now you’ll have probably heard like us the old adage “how long should a sales letter be?” and the answer “if you have to ask, it’s not long enough”. To be honest I didn’t really understand that when I heard it until I was talking to a well known & highly successful internet marketer and he said “sell the sizzle, not the sausage”, he went on to define why sales letters going into so much detail, keep re-covering and re enforcing past statements and ‘sell’ minute detail of the benefits of whatever product is being sold people buy with their senses not their eyes. So guys bottom line is…..

Do Learn To Write And Write Well.

Writing is a skill you simply cannot afford to put on the back burner if you want to make a real name for yourself on line. Most products available on line are centered around one form of writing or another.

Whether you are selling and writing your own product, or merely advertising someone else’s by way of an affiliate program, you still need to learn how to write effectively to grab your reader’s attention and get them to take action.

Words are what sell products. Not pictures. Or flashy web sites. Or bargain basement prices. It’s the words.

How I do it

Now for me at one stage I had planned to become a journalist, my father had been one and my half brother was, so possibly it followed in the genes (not sure though!). Anyway I didn’t become a journalist but went in to advertising instead so had to write copy and craft headlines but I tell you this its still bloody hard writing good effective articles, blogposts and website copy – the only saving grace is the more you do it, the slightly easier it gets – so don’t give up just persevere

For me I pick a topic, list down some sub topics and then hit the keyboard right short, sharp paragraphs. I tend to over write but then go back in and edit down.

My Top Tip

Always sleep on it – by that I mean re-visit your work the following day, does it make sense, does it flow, spelling mistakes-there’s always several (even with spell-check). I always get Sam to read through as well, another pair of eyes always helps

The sooner you begin to realize this is true, the better off you will be. And, the more money you will be able to earn. My advice, pick up a course on copy writing, or sales letter writing, or a “how to create your own information product” type product to help you get to know the “Basics” as quickly as possible. Plus, you’ll have this information to revert back to when you need it too. And you will. No one ever gets it 100% right the first few times. It takes practice and persistence to develop your “power writing” skills.

In fact if you download my FREE Special Report “Secrets to Starting A Internet Business” chapter Five is devoted exclusively to Copywriting and really is an invaluable ‘Jump Off Point” to getting you started, and its totally FREE. Go ahead and download it Now.

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