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Good, Bad and Worse – How to Find the Right PLR


Have you bought PLR before and found out quick that it wasn’t even worth the pocket change it cost you? Some of the stuff out there is completely unreadable word-spew that was probably written by an article spinner.

Pick Your PLR material carefully

Now for us we’ve experienced both, we’ve bought some that’s been really very good quality and has been good to go with only minor top & tailing but on the down side we have also bought some material that has been truly dreadful, one was even a membership site and their articles we found after the second month just simply had to be totally re written – so you think to yourself what’s the point – here’s the tips to look out for to not get caught, read on ….

PLR stands for ‘private label rights’ and it’s an easy way to get content cheaply. This is content that’s licensed to you and you can use it however you want. It can be articles, ebooks, reports, blog posts, tweets or anything else that’s Web content.

If you’ve gotten burned like I have, here are some tips on finding good PLR and making the most out of those dollars.

Check for Quality

Before you buy a big article pack, check out the quality. Read some of the samples or buy a handful of articles to check them out first. If you buy a huge pack that’s super-cheap per article but they’re all garbage, it’s not a good deal.

How Many Are Buying It?

You should also find out how many people are buying the same PLR as you. If there are thousands of people using the same content, it’s not going to be nearly as original no matter how much you change it. Some PLR packages are limited to a certain number. Try your best to buy these deals.

Look for Testimonials

Testimonials are not totally required, but I always look for them when I’m shopping for PLR. If you see a site that has a bunch of testimonials by legitimate marketers and entrepreneurs (you can check them out as well), you can be pretty sure that the content is worth buying.

Are They Growing?

A good PLR business will be adding fresh content to their site on a regular basis. You may be able to get all you need with one batch, but it’s a good sign if they’re constantly adding content. It means they’re serious about what they’re doing and they’re not in it to just make a quick buck (yours!).

Get a Referral

If you really want to make sure you’re only getting the best, get on an IM forum or ask somebody you know for a good recommendation. That’s always the best way to go because it ensures that you’re getting something that’s high quality. I always look for recommendations even if samples look good.

Understand the Rules

Before buying, make sure you understand the rules to using their PLR. Every service has its own rules regarding what you can do with their content (for example, most won’t let you resell it). Make sure you understand this well before you buy.

This is the most Important tip

And of course, make it original. Everybody says that they rewrite their PLR content before using it, but I’m sure lots of folks out there get lazy. It takes just a little time and effort, but it’s well worth it to have content that’s your own.

If you don’t do this you are wasting your time and money.

Toby & Sam Russell

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