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Getting Started in the Internet Marketing Business


First off a big welcome from myself & my wife Sam and thank you for visiting our internet marketing blog which as the title suggests –is all about getting started in internet marketing and information publishing.

We know how confused and frustrated we got when we first start in the Internet marketing business and hopefully our ethos is that with our Top Internet Marketing Tips to surviving through the initial stages of your journey to becoming a successful Internet marketer, you’ll find your journey a little less fraught than ours.

Its going to be a roller coaster journey that’s for sure, and certainly if its anything like ours has been so far, there’s highs – when you sell your first information product, there’s lows – when you’ve worked so hard, devoted so much time to your info publishing project & it produced nothing and you don’t know why – blimey that just does your head in.

And then there’s the ‘red eyed’ hours, when your dog tired but just need to finish that last blog post or article at 2.30am when all you want to be is tucked up in bed, fast asleep!

But through all this, the false starts, we’ve had loads, the late nights and the sheer frustration of not knowing why something is not working – you are to be congratulated because like us you keep coming back to try & try again because we all know the plain fact – Internet marketing & information publishing works and money is being made from it in the millions of dollars.

Perseverance, persistence and the right help & guidance along the way will pay off so don’t give up and we sincerely hope this information helps focus your mind to ensure that your efforts reap the rewards they deserve.

Discover the Truth

We want you to learn the real TRUTH behind Internet Marketing.

On this blog you’ll learn the opportunities but also the pitfalls of this industry and with our Top Tips, hopefully some easy to use pointers to get the very most out of the time you devote to starting your on line business.

First though, you need to understand that when you see phrases like  “fast track to success” – just beware, the old adage “ Rome wasn’t built in a day” is very true so Internet marketers suggesting that you’ll be making hundreds, thousands of dollars by tomorrow night are just plain silly and when you think about it you know I’m right – don’t be seduced. Plain Fact -. You have just about as good a chance of that happening as winning the lottery.

I hope that by the time you’ve seen some of our blog entries and especially if you’ve downloaded our: FREE “Start your own Internet Business Today” Special Report, its 94 pages of factual, easy to understand information, if you like a basic blueprint which will enable you to have a clearer understanding of how the Internet Marketing industry works and the things that merit your time within it. And remember it’s Totally FREE – Enjoy! 

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