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Getting Ready For Your Big Product Launch – 4 Things You Need To Do Pre-Launch


Hi there now we sincerely hope your internet marketing activities are paying off and that you may be at the stage of launching a product, so I thought a quick re-cap on pre-launch activities might be useful, so read on ……

Before you launch your product so that it’s ready for sale, there are a few pre-launch steps that will help you get targeted traffic.  Taking these steps will get the ball rolling and ensure that you’ve got sales coming the minute it’s launched.

Get Out There And Network

As soon as you start creating your product, you need to start socializing with your niche’s online community.  Get involved in forums, blogs, social media pages, online communities and other interactive websites where your target market hangs out.

There are two purposes to doing this.  For one thing, people will get to know you and recognize you as a niche expert.  Even more importantly, by keeping in touch with your target marketing, you’ll know what kinds of problems they have and what they want to learn.  This can help you decide the direction of your product.

The whole point is to provide value and start networking.  There’s no need to promote yourself or hype the project you’re developing. 

Get Reviewed

Once you’ve got a basic draft of your product finished, send it out to your peers for some honest feedback.  By now, you should have established some contacts in these online communities.  Send your product to them and ask for honest feedback.  They’ll be able to give you good ideas on some things that can be changed.

After you make changes, send your final draft to website owners.  Ask if they’ll review your product to help you create some buzz.  You should also send out details of your affiliate program so that you can get some affiliates on board before you launch.

Test Your Purchase

Before you go live, test your purchase.  Buy the product yourself and make sure that the delivery system works.  There are sometimes last minute problems with the system, and this will help you iron them out before you get a high volume of sales.

Make Your Announcement

When things are all ready to go, make an announcement on any online communities and websites where you can that the product is now available.  Some folks choose to offer the product at a discount price to certain groups as a way of saying ‘thank you.’

What Kind of Products Should I sell?

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Get a Buzz Going

The whole idea is to get to know people and get some buzz going before you launch.  It’s also important to get your product reviewed and make sure your delivery system works.  If everything’s done and ready to go, it’s time for your launch!

Toby Russell

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