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Hi, everyone goes on about ‘marketing’ your site whatever it might be, actual site or blog. All the internet marketers talk about the favoured steps of creating quality, unique content, article marketing, having a series of strong auto responder messages and then getting your name ‘known’ by hitting the forums and blogs in your niche and commenting.

Be Visible in the Top Forums

Well I get that; I’ve been on forums in the past, but not to any great extent. So my task for the week gone by was to really get to grips with the top forums and blogs in the internet marketing arena, so here’s how it went ……

Blimey first you’ve got to establish the ones that are worthwhile, then certainly with the forums you’ll have to register, then you need to understand the terms and conditions, then you have to wait for the email confirmations to come, then you have to activate your membership … and this is all before you can actually post!!

Well I tell you my eyes were very red and bleary by the time I’d done all of that, I reckon its at least a full days work.

Overcome the Mental Block – ‘I don’t want to do this’

I wasn’t that keen to get stuck in and do loads of posting but I tell you once I started I was amazed how many people you can offer really good advice to, help them get started and get over the initial hurdles (lets be honest we’ve all been there!!)

So overall it’s not too tricky, naturally there are posts that I’m not knowledgeable enough to comment over, but that’s fine. But I do get a buzz trying to help people whilst also promoting my own online activity and business.

The only thing that really bugs me is when you’ve registered and then it won’t let you sign in, blimey that is a real pain and so frustrating !!! Has happened to me 5 times this last week, but eventually gets sorted.

My Top Five Tips For Marketing on Forums & Blogs

Blogs –

1} Target blogs that get lots of comments

2} Hit blogs that are by well known bloggers,

3} Think of big name Internet marketers (if that’s your niche as it is mine)– see if they have blogs, because by & large

They will attract Internet marketers rather than just bloggers

4} When you comment try & add something of value

Not ‘great post-love it’ kind of comment

5} Comment as early as you can – if it’s a popular thread with 100 + posts, so your comment would be after that, your less likely to get read.

Forums –

1} You want the busiest sites – check out – this is a great example in my mind..

2} Make a list & Schedule time – no more than an hour a day

Otherwise you’ll end up ‘wasting’ loads of time just ‘surfing’

3} Try & comment on as many posts as possible but do be rigid with yourself

Over time spent.

4} Forget the smaller ones and those that have few new posts – you must be hitting the those that are busy, have high traffic numbers and where you can make an impact by posting regularly – get your name & site noticed.

5} When visiting click on ‘new posts’ – this is a great indicator how busy the site is and offers up the opportunity of you being able to hit posts that a new with few comments.

Quick Start Blueprint

So that’s my quick start blueprint for for marketing your online business through forums and blogs – its simple, but does take time however those links that you get sent are very valuable and when you check out your traffic stats you’ll see very quickly just how many visits you’ll have had from this marketing activity

But it also helps to have some learning ‘How do I” manuals at hand to refer to when that silly problem occurs. For us it’s the Internet Business Start Up Kit produced by our 2 friends, the ‘2 Neils’ – the manual has become my constant companion, and if it doesn’t tell me how to overcome a problem, it certainly points me in the right direction to get the answers I need.

Learn at your own pace but believe me it’s a NO FAIL System providing you hang in there and work on your business systematically

Finally yes it takes time, yes sometimes it can be a pain, but yes it works so don’t delay get on and build your blog and forum posting list – once you have that on a spreadsheet its quick & easy to hit some during your lunch hour at work or even before you leave home to take the kids to school – don’t put it off!!!

Until the next time …..

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