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Don’t Let the Internet Marketing Gurus Trick You


Hi Toby here, Have you ever been tempted by ‘special offers’? We certainly have and this especially applies in the Internet marketing field, where standard marketing tricks are used all the time to push you to the ‘buy now’ button. Whether it’s a product offering internet marketing help, a seminar or internet training the age old, tried & trusted internet marketing tips are rolled out time & time again – and why? because guys like you & I buy into them, its that simple, so my point is ……

Don’t Get Fooled by the tricks

Now, for your REAL education. Here’s some of those “smoke-and-mirror” effects so that you can learn to see past them, ok you may still want to buy & that’s fine (and later on you may use the tricks yourself) but just understand them for what they are & make your own judgement call, that’s all I’m saying.

Expiring Offers.

Sometimes it’s real, sometimes it’s bogus.  More often than not though, it’s bogus. This excludes those offers deemed as fire sales. Those really DO have an expiry. Still, it is a sales gimmick to get you to buy now.

Limited Introductory Offer.

Usually this is simply a trick to get you motivated to purchase a vendor’s product. On occasion, a vendor will raise their prices, but not normally. I’ve seen products sold in this way, ‘only 3 days to go’ etc and months and in some cases even years they are still there being promoted and at the same ‘discounted’ price. Worse still some end up being given away as ‘high value’ bonuses – make of that what you will.

A Compelling Life Story.

Internet Marketers use this trick to connect to the emotional part of their customers. Most purchases, whether you are aware of it or not are made due to an emotional response triggered by the advertisement presented.

Take the subject of money for example. Who doesn’t want more of it? Some marketers will lead you to believe that they are living “The High Life” and have been made multi -millionaires through their efforts of creating and selling information products on line. And they are willing to “share these secrets of wealth” with you, for a price. Of course, those searching for easy ways to make more money, or become millionaires themselves will more than happily put down the bucks.

Now for some that’s absolutely true, there’s money to be made in “them there Internet hills” and for many of the very well known Gurus out there living the good life.

 However the important fact is you absolutely ‘MUST’ sort out the genuine from the not so genuine – that’s where the internet comes into its own, visit forums, user groups and check these guys out, see what other guys like yourselves are doing, who are they using and what results are they achieving. Then & only then part with your hard earn cash.

Facts and Figures.

Yes, some sales material will contain what you are lead to believe are real examples of income earned through the particular program they are trying to sell. But, again, some are real, and others are worded in a way to ‘imply’ rather than ‘fact’ to get you hooked enough to close the sale.

Notice too that any sales page that contains “actual” earnings & income figures will also carry disclaimers that “the results represented here are not necessarily “typical”, or some other type of legal disclaimer to keep the seller out of “hot water” with people who expect the “moon”.

Now you can’t really blame them for that because if you’re the kind of person who can be ‘sold’ that ‘spend five minutes a day, click a mouse & you’ll be rich in a month’ – then that’s just daft, and unfortunately we all know there are people out there that are naive enough to believe that.

All I’m saying is before you buy, check claims out, search the Internet, forums etc there’s loads of review based sites telling you what works and what doesn’t. Don’t get suckered in, the old phrase no pain, no gain is absolutely true – you have to put some effort in (pain) to get the gain (money) that’s just common sense.

Bottom line just become a bit street savvy, understand marketing for what it is, just that marketing a product, because if you plan on making it as an internet marketer your success or failure will depend on your, yep you’ve guessed it – ‘marketing skill’ – so look, listen and lean my friends.

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