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Don’t Get De-railed by Internet Marketing Disbelievers


Hi all, now I don’t know about you but Sam & I have found when you mention internet marketing, starting an online business or information publishing friends and colleagues either look confused, don’t understand, think its something dodgy or its not a ‘proper’ business.

Even talking to your bank manager mention– “internet marketing, online sales” etc you can immediately see their mind glaze over, all very strange, but here’s the bottom line …

Don’t Let Others In Your Life Downplay Your On line Goals To Success.

Yep, this is tragic. But it happens every single day to every single Internet Marketer. I don’t think I’ve met one yet that hasn’t gone through this. The main reason for this is because most “off line” folks don’t understand how someone can make money from their computer.

So, sometimes you need to educate them as to how this is done. Of course, you’re going to get your “heckler” of the family or friends group and no matter what you say, they still won’t “get it”. Nor do they want to. They’re right and you’re wrong. End of story.

Top Tip

Don’t rise to the bait – just quietly carry on, working at your own business and as it starts to come right and the money start to flow that’s the real ‘proof of the pudding’.

Lets be honest once you start to make money, possibly buy a new car, move house or even take you wife out for the odd slap-up meal those that ‘heckle’ will soon become strangely silent when they see the fruits of your rewards.

Suddenly you’ll find those hecklers will be the individuals who suddenly show a ‘huge interest’ in what you do & how you do it – strange that!

Being An Entrepreneur Is About ‘Bucking’ The Established Trends

But, just because some people that you value their opinions don’t “get it” doesn’t mean you should stop trying to make it as an on line entrepreneur. It CAN be done, and why shouldn’t you have a chance to at least try?? Show them you can do it and I promise you, you won’t be haggled half as much once they see for themselves you proved them wrong.

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If you start getting complaints of spending too much time working on line than spending with your family, you’ll have to try and balance that out somehow. It won’t be easy, but it is do-able. Same thing applies to spending too much money. Why not try bartering for products with other marketers?

Top Tip

Getting a work life balance can be tricky but its vital you do it. It’s all about being realistic and commit time to all aspects of your life – work, family and pleasure. Try allocating chunks of time to the various tasks – write it down on a spreadsheet on a Sunday for the following week, ie: the hours you’ll spend on your new business – it makes you focus because we all have days when we’re busy on our day job, going to the gym, taking the kids out etc

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, do feedback on your own personal experiences, and we’d love to hear, until then……

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