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Don’t Get Caught Out with Internet Marketing “Smoke & Mirror’s” Tricks


Hi there my point for today just re-enforces the when it comes to internet marketing you need to ‘head straight up, eyes wide open’ and don’t allow yourself to get suckered in by the the internet marketing gurus that you’ll undoubtedly come across, their strength is their marketing so its easy to be reeled in but  …..

Don’t Believe Everything You Read.

You’re about to learn why this little bit of information tops my list of “Don’ts”.

This statement applies not only to your Internet marketing activity but also to your day-to-day life but in this context we’ll just relate to information publishing and Internet marketing.

You need to keep your focus and strength targeted in the right direction of achieving your Internet marketing goals, distraction is a killer.

In this age of 24/7 news, views and comment it just so easy for your mind to get fragmented and distracted and remember newspapers, magazines and TV are all focused on their main aim – TO SELL ADVERTISING, therefore the more sensationalist their coverage is, the more punters buy their papers, magazines and watch their TV – that means more advertising revenue.

The Internet is absolutely no different a vast, and I do mean vast, source of information with literally billions of items of information available, you know yourself whatever search term you put in Google or any of the search engines will return literally thousands if not hundreds of thousands of pieces of information.

Competition in Internet Marketing is fierce

And the Internet Marketing field is no different and probably one of the most competitive and over burdened with both good and unfortunately not so good information and products. You’re likely to see 1,000’s of products all on the same subject within the Internet marketing field.

In many cases each one of the authors claiming that THEIR product is better than all the rest because of X-Y-Z reasons.

Let me explain something to you right now before I continue on. . . .

Internet Marketing is just like a magic trick. Most Internet Marketers that are worth their weight in hundred dollar bills knows that it’s all in the presentation. Just like a magician. I mean, if you could sneak backstage and see how the magic is performed, you’d lose interest in the actual trick.

My point is this. . . .

If you knew what these top Internet Marketing pros did to create the “smoke-and-mirror” effects, then the product they were advertising would seem less than amazing in many instances.

Listen up just hit the forums, ask about and you’ll soon find out the right gurus and experts to follow. Find one or two to begin with, test their information & products out and then if everything pans out stick to them like a limpet.

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