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Creating an Effective Video Presentation to Sell Your Product


Nothing sells an information product like a good video presentation. Video presentations are really popular on sales pages and websites because they give people another way to digest the information. If you know how to make a good video presentation, it’ll boost your conversions into the stratosphere.

Keep It Simple

Use Video To Promote


Now, when you think about making a video presentation, it can seem like a big task. If you consider that it’s going to be maybe ten or more minutes, that’s a lot of film to shoot. But you really don’t need to ‘shoot’ anything at all. Just use the right tools.

You can make a perfectly good video presentation that’s nothing more than a slideshow. There are programs that let you make slideshows complete with graphics and effects. What really makes a good video presentation effective isn’t the fancy video effects, but the words behind them.

Your Script

Where you’re going to spend your time is in writing the script. It has to have all the elements of good copywriting because that’s what’s going to draw them in and get them buying. Creating the video itself is a piece of cake that basically involves entering text and reading it.

Like all copywriting, you’re going to make a bold promise at the beginning, tell a great story that resonates with the reader, and then offer the solution – your product. Your video script should be like one long enticing sales letter.

Everybody Loves a Cliffhanger

The best video presentations work just like a good movie or TV series. They take the ‘cliff-hanger’ approach and leave the viewer on the edge of their seat. The way to do this is to allude to things to come later in the video, but don’t get to them yet.

For example, you might say, ‘I’m going to share with you a little secret that most people don’t know about (your topic) and this is something you can use to change your life right now, but first…’ What you’re doing is basically dangling the carrot in front of their eyes and it keeps them watching.

Share a Few Tips – But not Too Much

Nothing works to sell your product like a juicy sample. If you give them a taste of what it contains that really helps them out immediately, they’ll quickly see the value of your product.

The key is to pick one good tip out of your book and use that in the presentation. You’re giving a little bit of it away, but it’s well worth it.

Tell Them What to Do

Remember that the point of your video presentation isn’t just to give them information about the product. You’ve got to tell them exactly what to do in order to relieve their pain or answer their questions. Create a compelling call to action and intersperse it throughout the video. Don’t save it for the end, but make it a common theme running throughout. The more you remind them, the better their chances of acting on it.

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