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Craigslist – A Powerful Tool For Driving Traffic


Hi there here’s a neat way to not only promote & sell your products but also build you brand and reputation at the same time, and the great part is it really easy to do, so read on ……

Most people know Craigslist as a site where you can post classified ads.  You can also use the site’s forums and interact with other users.  What most people don’t know is that Craigslist can be used as a powerful tool for driving traffic to your site.  And it’s usually free to use.

Although it only offers local listings, Craigslist is used all over the world.  It’s one of the Web’s 40 most visited sites worldwide.  Millions of people visit the site each day in the United States alone.  That means lots of traffic opportunities for you.

How To Get Traffic On Craigslist

At the outset, it’s as simple as can be.  People get on Craigslist looking for products and services.  You can advertise yours on the site and include a hyperlink in your ad.  When they see your ad and what you have to offer, they click through to check out your website.  If you know what people are looking for, you can craft an ad that will get them to your site.

One difficulty is that you have to target a geographic area.  However, this is really no problem.  Do some demographic research and find out in which cities and localities your target market is in high concentration.  Unfortunately, they don’t let you list duplicate listings for different cities.

Local search is growing on the Web, as more people get online using their mobile devices.  If you’re doing mobile marketing, Craigslist is a goldmine.  You’ve already got your geographic market targeted.  It’s also great for offline businesses.

Where To Post Your Craigslist Ad

Craigslist has a number of different places where you can post your ad.  Most people put their ads in the ‘Services’ or ‘For Sale’ categories.  These are the places where people are looking to buy something.

You can also slip your hyperlink into a forum post.  Just like regular forum marketing, if what you’re offering is relevant to what people are looking for, they’ll click through.  It’s all a matter of doing it right.

Other categories can help, too.  If you’ve got a holiday-themed promotion, for example, you can list it in the ‘Events’ category.  Depending on what you’re offering, there are lots of places to post.

Tips On Success With Craigslist

The key is to use Craigslist correctly.  If you don’t, you won’t get any traffic.  If you really blow it, you’ll get banned from the site.  You’re not actually supposed to be using it for backlinks!

Make sure everything you offer through Craigslist is high quality.  Just like all of your other offers, deliver on what you promise.  If you do this, it will spread like wildfire and word-of-mouth will advertise it for you.

Your ads have to be short and to-the-point.  You only have 200 words in which to attract the reader and call them to action.  It can be a bit of a challenge to tighten up your wording.

Your ad’s category, message, link and the site to which it points all must be relevant to each other.  This is the key to getting conversions.  If it isn’t relevant, people may click the link to see what it is, and then they’ll bounce right back off your page.

Craigslist ads show up in Google and Yahoo searches so make sure that you optimize.  In fact, quite a bit of your traffic will come from searches and not Craigslist users.  The keyword phrase should be in the subject line.

Finally, read and follow Craigslist rules or your ads will be erased and your account may be banned.  You shouldn’t post too many ads at once and don’t be too obvious.

Toby & Sam Russell

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