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Become a Millionaire Online Marketer Overnight?


Welcome once again to my observations on starting an online Internet marketing business and some areas that you need to be ‘eyes wide open ’to. Now I know you might be thinking blimey he goes on about the negatives of Internet marketing a bit, and you’d be right and I make no apology for that. I want your Internet marketing to be a success.

Listen up guys Sam & I have had just so many false starts in our journey, not to mention spending loads of cash on it. We’ve ‘stop – started’ more than your local bus going round town. And you know what the real downside of learning the internet marketing business is that when you do ‘stop-start’ – you then have to keep going back to refresh/re-learn what you knew before – how daft is that? Come on I bet there’s many of you reading this post who know what I’m talking about, so now my thought for the day …

 Don’t Expect To Make Money For Free.

I’ve seen this time and time again. Thousands of people hopping onto the Internet expecting that they can somehow make money starting from nothing with absolutely no investment of cash. To be honest, this really isn’t plausible if you honestly think about it.

What really ticks me off is the “bored housewife makes $25,256 a week from her kitchen table, and had never used a computer” kind of sales copy used all the time. Hey & when you’re down & hard up, it preys on your mind and that’s when you click the ‘buy now’ box – just DON’T DO IT please.

Remember the old Internet Marketing ‘smoke & mirrors’ tricks

I mean, does a company like Tescos/Wal-Mart just decide one day, “Hey, let’s open this mega store that carries like everything a person would need so they don’t have to shop anywhere else. Then, let’s also make the prices so ridiculously low that they won’t want to shop anywhere else. Oh, and let’s get all these products that we’re going to sell for free.” That’s just stupid; and an online Internet marketing business is no different, so just don’t believe the hype, just wake up …..

Investment  IS Required

Every single company has to have cash on hand to start up their business with. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Whether they have to buy supplies, advertising space, or products to resell to their customers, all of them have to have real money to purchase this stuff with.

It’s no different with an on line business. You STILL HAVE TO HAVE MONEY TO SPEND IN ORDER TO SEE A RETURN. It’s basic economics here.

With that being said, you also need to know WHERE to spend your money for it to do you the most good and see the most profits as a result of spending it. So, be choosy where you spend your money. Just know that you need to have it in order to make it.

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