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Article Marketing with Facebook Notes to Get Traffic


Facebook Notes is a grea article marketing method

Facebook, one of the world’s biggest websites, now has a great app that let’s you do article marketing using its powerful platform. The app is called Notes.

The way it works is that you write articles just like you’d use for article directory marketing and paste them into your notes. These can be articles that offer valuable information about your niche or that pre sell your product. Lots of folks use them to write reviews.

The cool thing about it is that not only do Facebook users see it, but Google searchers see it as well. Google is indexing the content found in notes. This means that your articles can show up at the top of search results pages if they’re optimized properly.

How to Do It

Go to your Facebook page and look at the left-hand side of the screen. There you’ll see your tabs. Sometimes, Notes automatically appears there. If it doesn’t appear there automatically on your profile, select Edit Page and look for where it says Apps. You can then add the Notes App to your profile and it’ll appear on the sidebar.

By the way, you should use your Facebook fan page for article marketing with Notes. If you don’t have one, create one for the product, niche or business you’re doing. If you put notes in your personal profile that aren’t relevant to it, it’ll cause a kind of disconnect when people click to see your profile.

Open a new note and write your article. Remember to keyword optimize and write the right tags. At the bottom of your article, put a link back to your Facebook page so that people can follow that link and find you.

Is It Sustainable?

This is a new thing and most marketers aren’t hip to it yet. But there are some out there making big money from it. Many of them are doing it by promoting Amazon products on Facebook. There are products that teach you how to do this.

The only trouble is that Google appears to be catching on and Notes are getting indexed a little slower. Just like anything else, trying to make a quick sell through Notes may not work in the long-term. Many see it as ‘gaming’ Facebook and they predict it’s not going to last.

However, you can use Notes for other purposes. If you’ve got a Facebook fan page that you want to run for the long-term and use to build a massive fan base, Notes can help you there. Your articles will get indexed by Google, attract traffic, and establish you as an authority in your niche.

Whatever people say about article marketing with Notes, it’s definitely better than article directory marketing. Facebook is bigger than any article directory and even though your profile doesn’t technically belong to you (it belongs to FB), you have quite a bit of control over it. It’s definitely something worth trying out.

Toby Russell

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  1. just of to facebook to try and find what you suggested
    I am a newbie and trying to get into affiliate marketing on a shoestring. I am under the impression that leaving a comment is the polite thing to do, so if you visit my site please Like Comment or Ping.
    regards. william

    • Toby Russell says:

      thanks for your comments every success to you, keep coming back for more tips and sign up for my free downloads they should help you. Toby

  2. John says:

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  3. Stan says:

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