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Article Marketing – The Holy Grail of Internet Marketing ?


Hi there and doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun! On Monday I outlined my Internet marketing plan and publishing schedule for the week to you. I knew first week back at the day job would be fraught & true to form it was. But I did manage to achieve some of my weekly objectives so my Internet marketing activity was not quite what I’d hoped for, the best bit – the monthly mentoring call on keyword research, but here goes on what got done  ….

Article Marketing – The most effective marketing, so many say

Yep that went ok, managed to get a load more blogposts indexed so quick re-write etc and onto the directories. I’m still uploading manually which takes a bit of time but as I get going I’ve been recommended to an article submission service which I’ll check out and let you know how I get on.

Also I’m planning to possibly out source some article writing, again having visited some of the forums there’s some good recommendations, one in particular caught my eye and again I’ll check him out & let you know how I get on.

Writing Blogposts

Yep my minimum was three and I hit that – so job done on that front

Auto responders – yea looked at it but that’s all I did – so failure there!!

Hitting Internet marketing blogs and forums

Yes I managed to do quite a bit here, but it just takes up a lot of time. But everyone tells me it’s the best way to ‘get noticed’ so I’ll persevere . I just does you head in when you’ve registered, then try to post – can’t then have to go back & get the problem sorted – some much time and effort.

Monthly Mentoring Call – Excellent!!

Tuesday dashed home from work for the monthly mentoring call from the ‘2 Neils’ and it was on keyword research. Now I don’t know about you but I realise how important it is but I’m never sure I’m doing it ‘right’. The call was great and as usual their take on and strategies for research were refreshingly different so much so I felt compelled to write a blogpost about it – check it out                                             

So all in all not a bad week, pretty tired out, but later today or tomorrow it all starts again and I’ll be planning my work schedule, this is vital for me because it keeps the pressure on me and I need to set goals, (in my  mind everyone should) so onwards and upwards, till the next time …..

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  1. Navya says:

    Hi Toby,
    Article Marketing or writing certainly plays a vital role in building up the traffic. Sending articles to the renowned blogs also helps to drive more traffic. Finally, a perfect plan to achieve the goal is a must to everyone as you said.

  2. Loryn says:

    Hey, that’s powreful. Thanks for the news.

  3. Lakiesha says:

    I am totally wowed and prepared to take the next step now.

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