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Hi there and I trust your Internet marketing activity is progressing well. My week has been fraught with the day job but I’ve managed to put in a worthwhile amount of effort into our online and Internet marketing activity. I’ve got what I hope is really useful point to share with you.

However the week did not start well, on Sunday I’d got a bit frustratedStressed Out that although I had been doing all the usual and necessary marketing activity, blog posting regularly, submitting articles, etc I wasn’t happy with the traffic to my blog – and I know what I’m like, if I get frustrated, I then get fed up and then I stop and devote time to my property portfolio or something else. I guess many of you reading this will have experienced exactly what I’m talking about, may even be there right now.

2011 is My ‘Make It’ year

But because I’ve absolutely decided 2011 is the year for us making it online – I can’t just stop. So there are some guys here in the UK who are real internet marketing professionals who I know, so I fired off an email – identified what I’ve done (in detail) and asked for some frank and constructive feedback even down to are my posts rubbish,? That kind of thing. So 24 hours past, nothing (well they are busy people!!!) but then soon after I get a response & I’ve pulled out some of the relevant comments below:

Thanks for the note… here are my thoughts.

  Had a look at your blog and you’ve been doing a great job
  on your posting.  I think you’re probably being a bit
 eager on the results front at this moment.

Also don’t forget the false indicators of success and the
highs & lows that you’ll experience while building your

What you’ve done so far is excellent… keep this up and
all will come good.

Hope this helps and keep the faith it will happen.

We all Need Help

Wow, how do you think I felt after that! I was buzzing and it’s that which has given me the energy to really forge ahead this week. My point here is I’m lucky that I’ve found a couple of mentors to really hold my hand when I need it & we all do from time to time. Now these guys are really successful, making real money so for me when they comment good, bad or indifferent – I listen. So the points they made were just the ‘pep talk’ I needed.

Get a ‘Life qualified’ Mentor

Moral is get your self a mentor who ‘knows’. But make sure you get one who ‘is doing it, making money’ online not just theorising about it. I don’t even really like the term mentor I prefer ‘Helping Hand’ but it doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Search the forums you’ll find many recommendations and also you can check out your shortlist of potential mentors through forum posts to ensure you get the ‘real deal’.

I really believe this is possibly one of the most vital assets you can spend money on. because for us it makes the difference of getting hacked off and walking away for months, to then return and re-start & re-learn, time wasted. And that’s why although we’ve been online for several years we’ve not ‘made it’. 2011 will & is different and I tell you my mindset is totally different this time as well, helped by having experts to turn to in my hour of need.

Hope this post might inspire some of you, until the next time. In the meantime check out the Internet Business Start Up Kit This kit is produced by the 2 guys who mentor us, the product is terrific and fully guaranteed, so you have nothing to loose.

You get a really useful start up kit manual, time management report, best niche market report Plus there’s more, resources CD, Blogging for beginners CD and 6 bonus CDs as well

Not only will it take you by the hand, step by step telling you want you need to know but more importantly what not to waste your time on. Learn at your own pace but believe me it’s a NO FAIL System providing you hang in there and work on your business systematically

Toby Russell

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  1. Thanks for a great post. very informative. I totally agree with you, having is the right mindset is most important of all. I Have already shared this post with a few of my friends and they loved it.

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