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Affiliate Marketing Success Using Pay Per Click


How Investing In Pay Per Click Can Make You Money

Hi there and today I want to cover how you could use pay per click advertising to drive your affiliate marketing activity. Now the internet is all about affiliate marketing, check out click bank, see just how many products and services are on that site – if you haven’t visited before, it’ll blow your mind, certain when my wife Sam & I first heard about it we were absolutely amazed, go check it out …..

Affiliate marketing for Beginners

For real beginners here’s the basics of affiliate marketing, sorry for those of you reading this who already know but here goes, affiliate marketing.  Here’s basically how it works.  A site is selling a product or service online.with an affiliate scheme (affiliates are like a un-seen, additional sales force) basically they will pay you as their affiliate a commission every time someone buys their product through your affiliate link. That’s clear \I trust

On your own site you promote the product through your affiliate link or you can create another site that promotes this service or product with a link leading to the original product’s page.  Whenever someone clicks through the link on your site, buys – you get paid.

Ok so you’ve got your site, you’ve got a hot affiliate product but to get the click through to your affiliate link you need traffic, that’s obvious so now to drive traffic swiftly to your site & therefore your affiliate product sales page and then your link?

Simple run a Google Adwords campaign and drive laser targeted traffic to your site, visitors you know are interested in the product you are promoting.  The absolute key to make it work is your keyword research – as an example if you’re promoting a

“Become financially secure with our Forex Guide” kind of product you need to target keywords and phrases like “learn currency trading” “become a currency trader” but also think outside the box so “work from home trader” “financial independence through currency trading” – see what I mean???

Top Tip

See how other affiliate marketers a\re doing it, ask the organisation you’re an affiliate of what they think, most have marketing support with well crafted ads to run.

Word of caution here. Do your sums there no point running an Ad words campaign, as an example you end up   spending $200 when your affiliate product is only $29.99 and you cut is $11.99 so you need to sell 17 just to cover costs. Now ok this might work but really the margins are pretty tight so do your sums please.

Is It Really That Cheap?

Most people consider this an inexpensive way to advertise.  However, it’s not always as economical as it seems.  For words or phrases that have high traffic, you can expect to pay a lot more.  This is where the bidding comes in.  High competition keywords will cost you a lot more.  Some companies will go ahead and pay anyway, expecting big returns on their advertising investment.  For a small business that doesn’t have much of an advertising budget, this may not be such a great technique.

On the other hand, if you carefully target your keywords, you can get big returns for a small investment.  In recent years, the trend is moving toward long tail keywords.  These are longer phrases that have less competition.  Because pricing is based on competition, you can bid on these at lower rates.

Affiliate Marketing? A Great Way To Make Money Online?

Affiliate marketing works there’s no doubt about it, but again it comes down to research you need to be promoting the right product and with a worthwhile commission level. The really successful affiliate marketers make mega bucks – so yes it can be done.

Using Google Adwords – does it work ?

Yes it most certainly does andOne huge advantage of paying for advertising is that, unlike SEO which takes a long time to start producing results, is that it gets you traffic instantly.  As soon as the ad is posted, you can expect to see a rise in traffic. 

Advertising Online – The Benefits

Advertising online has one major advantage over offline advertising that should not be overlooked.  This advantage is that it’s working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and providing you get your keywords right its laser targeted. Bear in mind your Internet ad pops up all over the world at any time day or night.  The Internet never sleeps, and neither does your advertising campaign!

Unlike an ad that is posted periodically on other media such as television, radio or magazines, which by definition cannot be anyway near as targeted, because even in specialist magazines a lot of the readers will only be interested in one very niche area of the specialised subject – get it?

Investing in PPC is a necessity for any online business that wants to get the word out about their products or services. I sincerely hope this has been useful and given you an insight as to how you can make money with affiliate marketing and a very small advertising spend, until the next time

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Toby Russell

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