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Value & Respect Your Internet Marketing Customers


These days every business area is competitive, none more so than Internet marketing or any online business – our attention span is so short. That’s why you have to offer value & quality free stuff to get the customer, ongoing contact to keep them and valued bonuses to make sure they spend and hopefully keep coming back for more.

Don’t fall into the trap of every contact with your customer list being a sales pitch, I’m telling you your list will vote with the ‘unsubscribe’ button. Its important your list feels ‘valued’ – what’s the point of working hard to build you list, getting opt-in subscribers just to ‘under value’ them – its all about building long term relationships so that they not only trust you, value your products as quality material and therefore eagerly open your marketing messages to them & continue to buy.

Here’s A Lesson on ‘How Not To Do It’

Here’s a story of in my opinion how not to do it, which happened to me recently, I think you’ll see my point, read on

I’m just about to change my mobile. Now to be honest I’m not the kind of person who’s really worried about having the newest, shiniest all singing, all dancing mobile, for me I use a mobile for making calls and texting so its about size (keep in a shirt pocket) and battery life. But then I thought- developing our internet marketing business being able to go online and access emails on the move might be useful – so Blackberry or iphone – simple (no not really)

To be honest the main reason for changing is I have hands free Blue tooth in the car and my current phone keeps loosing the Blue tooth connection – really very annoying – you’re driving along, talking and suddenly the radio’s cut in – crazy

But worse than that the only way to re-connect is to switch the mobile off, re-start & re-connect. But here’s the problem my phone has a ‘soft’ press down on/off button which has collapsed so its become increasingly hard to switch it on and off and now I’m paranoid that if I switch it off, that will be it dead phone, can’t switch it back on, can’t access phone book – what a nightmare.

How Complicated Can It Be ?

So simple call my network provider, check their website for current phones & tariffs and then see what kind of upgrade I can get. Now what I forgot to mention is I’ve had the same number and been with the same network provider all the time I’ve had a mobile – 16 plus years so you’d reckon good loyal customer, be all over themselves to keep me happy – think on.

After hanging on for 20 minutes, to the worst music ever, finally get to speak to a human. Explain my situation, what I want etc. Once through security she then informs me my account is now with an agent (something about when they made a load of managers redundant, they made them agents to ease their situation) even though they have been billing me and I’ve been paying them.

I should have had a letter, but she’d talked to loads of customers who hadn’t received anything – I needed top call them. So off I go – no the agent no record of my number or me. Back to my provider, more hanging on – another human, re-visit all the same information – so finally they agree they can help me.

Blimey I then tell them my needs again and ask for advice. Well their advice was no more than what I gleaned off their website, less even, the whole call was a sales pitch to up my monthly tariff. It was just so obvious that huge network provider, little old customer – not really interested – no loyalty bonus, nothing, even when I tried to get a car charger & cover thrown in – “oh I’ll have to ask my manager & we can only do one”

My Loyalty Goes Un-Rewarded

To be honest I just got so fed up with the lack of customer care that I’ve now started the process visiting other phone provider sites on the internet, comparing and contrasting deals and will move my account, so my current provider who I’ve spent £1,000’s over the years will loose out, not just me but my wife, my son & daughter’s contracts as well just because they view their customers as a number not a person – what a waste!

Don’t do it – the old adage you’ll have heard “the money’s in the list” is even more true now than ever before – spend the time getting a subscriber and then cherish them to become a long term customer – it pays & makes sound business sense.

That’s why when you sign up to my email list not only do you receive my FREE 94 page Special Report “The Secrets to Starting Your Own Internet Business Today”. It’s a simple step-by-step, easy to follow guide that gives you hardcore advice to getting started in Internet Marketing. 

Then you’ll receive Top Tip Internet marketing updates from me TOTALLY FREE on a regular basis – hopefully you’ll agree, to my mind that’s good customer service.

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