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Starting an Internet Marketing Business? – Get the RIGHT Advice Part I


Hi there, for Sam & I we wanted a proper structure for our Internet marketing business, so we needed an accountant. So listed here and completing tomorrow are our Top Tips to finding the Right Accountant and why that’s important in any on or offline business, but why we considered it  necessary for us just starting out with our online internet marketing business.

Discover the Top 11 Tips to find the RIGHT Accountant

Hi as I commented before you’d think finding an accountant would be easy – go on-line or yellow pages etc and you’d finds loads – well yes you do but its only when you start talking to them that you get a real feel for who & what they are about and this may surprise you but many really are not as switched on generally, and especially when it comes to Internet Marketing and selling Information Products On-line.

Tip 1 – Make SureThey are Prepared to Offer You a Free Face-to-Face Consultation

I stress free because at their hourly rate you don’t want to be stuck with a bill before you’ve even decided to go with them.

Tip 2 – List Out Your Goals & Aspirations For Your Business Beforehand

And see what their reaction is to your plans, ask for comments and advice (you might even pick up some ideas for free even if you decide to go with another firm)

Tip 3 – Understand Their Charging Structure

– Understand that many firms will charge even for phone calls and sending you a letter so get to grips with it up front – don’t be afraid to ask & get it in writing.

Tip 4 – Decide Before Your Meeting What Services You Are Likely to Need

 Then you can make sure they offer them and you can really get to grips with their costs – i.e. if you want to be able to take a cardboard box full of bills and receipts in at the end of the year and expect them to sort it all out & write up your books – you’ll be in for a hefty bill.

Internet marketing is a straight forward business, my advice – keep basic books, spreadsheets etc and file bills, receipts, paperwork in general every week – if you do the basics A} you’ll know what’s going on in your business B] you’ll know & understand cash flow (vital!!!!) and C} your accountant’s bills will be small.

As you grow, here in the UK you’ll get registered for VAT and you may want your accountant to do that including the returns which take a bit of getting used to plus if you take on staff (avoid it for was long as possible if I were you!) again you may need help with wages and tax etc

Tip5 – Check Out Their Client List

Is there any like- minded kind of businesses on it? Do they have any experience in your business sector? Lets be honest most people have trouble getting their heads around ‘internet marketing’ or ‘information marketing ‘ so a prospective accountant may struggle as well.

Tip 6 – Make Sure They Understand the Business

If there is a lack of understanding that you illustrate its really like any other business but with the advantages of far higher margins due to low production and operating costs – after all its not a difficult or complex business to understand.

That’s it for Part I, don’t missing the concluding Top Tips in my post tomorrow, until then ……

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