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Simple PC Protection Tips For Internet Marketers


Ok now I know for many of you reading this you’ll think “Oh I know all this” and that’s absolutely fine but bear in mind there will be others who don’t and this is for them. Sam & I had a massive problem when our pc picked up a virus which totally blocked everything, it took my computer guy days to clean it off and cost us a lot of money – so the motto is ‘be prepared’

When it comes to PC protection, everybody thinks it won’t happen to them until the fateful day when it does.  Then you wish you’d backed everything up like you were supposed to.  Anything from hard drive crashes, power surges, connectivity interruptions or fires can destroy your IM career instantly.  A little prevention goes a long way.

Back Up And Update

One of the best things you can do to prevent all kinds of PC problems is to simply back everything up.  You’re probably doing that already with a detachable hard drive.  This is great if you’re worried about a hard drive crash.  But what about a house fire?  If something like that happens, you’re detachable drive will be gone too.

It’s much better to keep your data backed up off-site.  You can either keep it at some other physical location or use a cloud computing service to store it in cyberspace.  The cyberspace option is the easier method but you have to pay a fee to do it.  You should also update your backups on a fairly regular basis.  Get into a schedule that’s reasonable for you or else you’ll be left with data from five years ago.

Hot And Bothered

Most people don’t realize how incredibly hot your computer gets.  Although it has an internal fan that’s supposed to cool it off, you’ve got to give it a little help sometimes.

It’s best if you can keep your computer in an air-conditioned room.  Make sure that the fan’s vents are not covered up and if you hear the fans making any funny noises, get them checked out immediately.  Malfunctioning fans are a huge source of problems with computer overheating.

You should also keep the area around your PC as dust-free as possible because dust will clog the vents.  Dusting spray is good because it takes minimal work to keep the area clean.

No Food Or Drink

If you’re in the habit of snacking around your computer, get out of that habit right now.  Even if you like to have a cup of coffee by the computer at all times, you might want to relocate it to another surface.  The reason is that just one spill or a few tiny food particles can cause loads of damage on your computer.

The most targeted spot is the keyboard.  If you spill water or coffee and it’s not an incredible volume of liquid, there’s a good chance that your keyboard will survive.  However, if we’re talking about a whole cup and there’s anything sugary involved, the keyboard’s a goner.

Another good reason not to eat around the computer is that you might be inviting bugs, and we’re not talking about the usual kind of ‘computer bugs’ here.  We’re talking about the creepy-crawly ones.  Bugs can easily get inside your computer’s components and cause it to short out. 

These tips may seem like common sense, but there are many disasters that could’ve been easily prevented by just taking care to back up data and keep the area clean.  Take these precautions and you’ll never have to worry about your data or devices biting the dust.

Toby Russell

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