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Get Your Internet Business Set Up Right


Are you just starting out in Internet Marketing? 

Starting a new venture is always daunting and certainly when we first started in Internet marketing and information publishing, we found it doubly confusing. Hey you have to lean a whole new terminology and new skills and then there’s the technology –blimey.

But after all that an Internet marketing Business is still just a business, and here we want to offer up some basic ‘Running a Business’ Tips for those of you who may not have experienced that part before.

After all you’ll no doubt experience those nights like I have, I’d tried hundreds of times to understand why my uploaded site was not appearing on-line. It’s just so frustrating. Good job my home-office’s window doesn’t open otherwise that pc would have been in the garden! Have you experienced that?

So at 2.30am I crawl into bed knackered, trying not to wake my wife or the children & just getting off to sleep when I have that light bulb moment – ‘I didn’t do so and so’, perhaps if I’d done that’ and then you just have to get up and try it and it works.

The tiredness just falls away that is until the alarm goes off 4 hours later!

For Us ‘It’s Focus’ – What About You?

Sam & I decided that to really focus the mind we needed to make the leap from ‘its something we do at weekends & in the evenings’ to ‘its a business’. To that end for us it was important to get it set up properly from day 1 and we decided a Limited Company was the best way.

Now I’m not saying you have to go that route, but if your aspirations are to build a profitable, fair sized internet marketing, information publishing business its a no brainer. Think BIG, when (not if) I’ve built a big business I may want to sell it – having the Right Company structure counts at that stage.

Top Tip – Get Set Up Right

Get yourself an accountant (finding one is easy, getting a good one is a bit harder we found). Ok I know what you’re thinking, “do I need one & the cost?” but believe me it’s the smartest move you can make.

A good accountant for a small business is not a lot (if you keep your own books and present them with easy to follow ‘paper trail’ figure work – it definitely keeps the costs down) – they can set up your trading company, handle your accounts, deal with the taxman and advise on best structure for your business to maximise your profits.

And when you want a business bank account, which is again a ‘no brainer’ because the last thing you want is to muddle up your personal finances with your business finances – that’s just plain daft.

Trust me – having an accountant and a properly constructed business means dealing with the bank so much more straight forward – after all lets be honest here, you go along to see your Bank manager saying you want to start an internet marketing business. Yep you’ve guessed it, many of them really don’t understand Internet Marketing – selling information products on the Internet, mmm not like running a shop is it. So illustrate to them you’re serious – proper company structure (Ltd or Sole Trader) and an accountant on board.

Hope you have found this information useful and I’d love to hear your comments and your own experiences, I’ll also in another post tell you EXACTLY how we found our accountant & the exact steps you need to take to make sure you don’t get ripped off. Till then ….

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