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Writing Unique Content – Imagine You’re Writing to a Friend


Hi there and welcome back as promised 3 days ago here’s more hints and tips for developing your ‘story telling’ skills for your internet marketing activity for writing blogposts and articles.

But first Top Tips you need to practice before getting into story telling Now I know what many of you will be thinking blimey I can’t write a story, or I haven’t done that since I was at school – but take a deep breath & chill for a minute

Internet marketing and being successful at it is not rocket science but the absolute rule is you MUST make yourself STAND OUT from the crowd and that’s about writing content that’s engaging and different.

Top Tip – Discover Your Reader

Before you even get as far as starting to write, decide who you are writing for, sketch out the person who you believe will be reading your blog – their age, sex, married, children, where do they live, what do they do – day job etc etc – develop a mental picture of your blog visitor.

Name Your Visitor

Write down a list and then ‘name’ your visitor. What makes them tick, why are they searching for the information you are providing – sounds daft I know but Sam’s & mine is called James.

Imagine You’re Writing to a Friend

This is a great tip; consider the kind of phrases and language you’d use all day long. Be conversational, go off at a tangent as we all do in conversation, cover points that are personal to you i.e.: “you know what I’m like when it comes to getting up in the morning” – and what you’ll find is once your mindset is in the ‘talking to a friend’ mode you’ll find the words just flow.

Ok you may need to go back and edit, re write bits and as I always do get some one else to read it over, yep I know we all have & use spell-check but often it doesn’t pick up things & that’s what will make you look sloppy in your writing style.

Make sure you allow your personality to shine through. Think about it this way a visitor to your blog knows nothing about you, if reading a post they not only like the tips and content there but also come away feeling ‘ Oh I like him, good info and I can relate to him/her’ your job is done.

I tell you there are several blogs that I visit, the content is good but the writing style I don’t like or its not easy to read, I don’t feel comfortable reading it, possible feel its either trying to sell or is just a bit over my head – but whatever, its unlikely I’ll become a regular visitor because it doesn’t engage me.

So bottom line is – get your personality across, deliver quality information and most of all be human, let people know your faults, your good points, your interests – even your pet hates – for me its people being rude and not bothering to say please & thank you – When I was in the States 2 weeks ago I was bowled over by the politeness and helpfulness of everyone we met – shame I can’t same the same for the UK.

Anyway that’s it for today, practice what I’ve suggested and in 2 days time watch out for my post covering “story Telling” – it’s a blinder, but you need to have practiced ‘writing for a friend’ first, until then ………..


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