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Top Five Tips for Successful Story Telling in Your Content


Hi there and welcome back to my top tips for developing your story telling skills when you’re writing your blog posts and articles to develop your internet marketing activity. Story telling sounds very grand and tricky to do, but its really not,let me explain ……..

Think About when you’re talking to friends or relatives

Much of what you do either face to face or on the telephone with friends and relations is story telling, think about it. You recount situations, what you did, your reactions etc to a whole host of situations.

Stories captivate people, its what make us unique in any and all situations. and that’s why you NEED to practice this skill you already have & own to ensure your blog or website visitors are captivated by your content.

Here’s some Top Tips to develop Your Story Telling Skills

  1. Really great stories are about everyday life, the ups, downs, trails and tribulations, successes and failures – we all have them, so incorporate them into your writing. These are compelling.
  2. Consider the emotions that have caused you to have strong reactions (both good and bad) in your live, write those emotions down.
  3.  Now list everyone involved in those scenarios and also the outside influences that impact i.e.: when a friend or relation loses their job, house or loved one – feel & almost touch the emotion, the impact it has on them and you. Feel and record the passions, feelings good and bad of the moment.
  4. List down the outcome – good, bad or whatever, what impact did that have on you – i.e. loss of a job may have given you the determination to search out a fresh start, consider a career change even if it’s the internet marketing you’re doing part time at this stage.
  5.  Always try & describe a funny or amusing aspect of what happened. Even if the event is quite dark try & offer up a silver lining and positives.

And there you are, you have the absolute Top Five Tips to develop your story telling ability. Because once you have noted down the above information you can then consider how to weave that into the internet marketing story you are writing to give a totally personal, unique slant on your story. Really craft the detail, make it real.

Best Tip Ever !!!

Get a notebook, list your experiences, your stories that you can use and they will always be useful as you gain added confidence in your writing ability you’ll see many opportunities to just add in the story details. Personal story narrative is possibly the MOST important element of writing successful and unique content – and the really amazing thing is, most Internet marketers ignore it. Don’t believe me read some blogs and sites – you’ll be amazed how bland & boring some of the copy is.

And Finally ……

Don’t forget to glean ideas from other writers – when you’re reading stuff be aware of how stories touch you, how did the writer achieve that? How des the story build? Is there humour and how do they craft it in? – Finally remember we are all on a learning curve, every day – allow it in, absorb it and you’ll become a unique content writer in no time.

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