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How to Write Great Articles Consistently


 Hello and today I want to cover how you can improve your Internet marketing activities with article marketing, an area Sam & I are really into but I tell you what it wasn’t always the case .

Couldn’t Write to Save My Life

But before I get into that I can tell you I used to be absolutely scared stiff of writing anything, its daft really because my dad was a journalist, wrote several books, poetry and worked for several national newspapers – so you’d have thought some of his skill & ability might have rubbed off – no such luck I’m afraid.

So I read a few reports on copy writing, listened to some copy writing gurus at seminars, but I tell you what there’s nothing like just getting stuck in. So I took some of the pointers from what I’d read and heard and started…..

Blimey not easy but as you do it you’ll be surprised how after a bit it starts to flow. So I’d write, normally too much, then edit it, then re read it, then print it off give it to my wife Sam to read and rip apart and then a final edit.

Here’s my tip though if you can give it to someone else to read as well, for me its my 17 year old daughter, she’s absolutely my harshest critic, but I tell you what it works. So my advice to you yep you can outsource using freelancers, and I do as well but do write your own stuff – keep reading because a bit further on you’ll get the tips that help me structure my writing both blogs and articles, it matters not.

Why Should I worry About Article marketing?

So why do we do it – simple really it’s a win, win opportunity and here’s why:

You can achieve improved traffic from your article marketing endeavors by publishing content-rich articles online. Search engines love fresh information and often crawl pages with new content thereby increasing page rankings on their index. Since all of these would translate into higher traffic, and in turn more sales, article marketing has become a highly successful area of Internet marketing, don’t just take our word for it, any IM forums will have 1,000s of posts about article marketing, what it does, how it works etc

Here’s Just 4 Good Reasons:

  1. It is a free option
  2. It gets syndicated through directories
  3. It creates more back links
  4. It can go viral and attract loyal visitors to your website.

There are several types of content used in article marketing:

Some of them are real while others are fictional. But irrespective of the type, they inform the readers, keep interest alive and turn website visitors into customers. The biggest & most successful area is the ‘How to’ ‘solving problems’ kind of articles, these are always in demand.

What Are The Keys to Writing Success?

There is an approach, which has been tried, tested over many, many years known as AIDA which helps an article (or any writing for that matter, advertisement etc) achieve the success needed to keep the reader’s attention and result in the required action.

AIDA stands for:

A represents attention

I is interest

D is for desire

A is for action.

Any article should attract attention especially the title and description. Interest would then be gradually created to a point of desire. Finally, the article should provoke action to be taken. Action could be in form of visiting a website, email opt-in or clicking on a link to buy a product as an example, this system sounds so simple and obvious – and that’s its real power because it is. Think about it, re-read it and really get your head around it because I tell you what if you can master AIDA in all your copy writing you’ll really be on the right road to success.

Watch out because tomorrow I’ll give you some other Key Tips to getting your article marketing on the button.

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Toby & Sam Russell

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