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Okay now as I’ve said many times before knowledge is power and put very simply if you don’t know who’s visiting your site and from where it’s very difficult to benchmark and decide on a clear marketing strategy that will return good results, so listen up to this guide to Google Analytics.

Measuring Your Success & Failure is Vital

Google Analytics is a free tool that’s one of the best for analyzing traffic – that is, if you know how to use it right.

The trouble with Google Analytics is that it gives you too much information. It can give you something like 85 different reports covering every aspect of your site. Do you really need all of that? I’d say you probably don’t.

 Instead, you should focus on a few key areas:

Referring Sources

This analytic tells you where your site visitors are coming from. You can find out what percentage are coming from organic search or referring sites. It also tells you how many people clicked through from which specific site. Read More→


Hi there as many of you who are regular visitors to our blog, we have always been heavy promoters of article marketing but these days there’s a lot of debate over its value since Goggle changed its algorithms –

The Google Panda Update!

the Panda Update, so here’s our views ……

Article marketing used to be one of the go-to methods for driving traffic to a website. Before Google Panda arrived companies could use a mixture of low, medium and high quality articles on article submission directories such as Ezine, Associated Content and Helium to drive readers to their own site for revenue. Most of these sites enjoyed some of the highest rankings available on the internet, but once Google Panda released they were hit hard for hosting some of the more low-quality article productions on the internet. Now that Google Panda keeps an eye out for low quality articles, especially those spun by software, a lot of internet marketing companies are wondering if article marketing is even worth it. Read More→


Hi there now I make no excuses for visiting SEO again because if you want to become a blogging superstar you have to understand and practice SEO and do it well. And with thousands of new blogs and websites being launched each & every day without competent SEO you might as well call your online activities a day believe me

SEO Is Vital To Your Online Business

– so listen up and follow these simple tips …….

It’s Not a Foreign language

Search Engine Optimization is a foreign language for most bloggers. Those looking to be blogging entrepreneurs – those specifically looking to profit from blogging – need to utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) more than ever before. With the growth rate of the Internet, a blog is no longer unique in its field, which means it needs to compete with hundreds (if not thousands) of other blogs just like it.

Today’s Internet is using more methods to get traffic to websites that include paid advertising, social media and data management. To accommodate all of these new methods and new blogs, search engines are revamping the way they recognize websites. For the blogging entrepreneur, this means utilizing universal SEO versus the traditional methods. Read More→


My Weekly News Round Up

Hi there, hope you are all well. This is the start of my new weekly column giving the latest news from the world of Internet Marketing. I  really hope my regular visitors will like this new addition to my content.

Watch out for this logo picture which I’ll use on future NEWS Round Up articles.

So here goes this is from last week, so apologies it should have been uploaded over the weekend but my daughter had to be picked up from university and I’m sorry guys but she comes first – Know what I mean!!

The internet marketing community looked at New York City this week since the SES New York conference took place this Tuesday to Thursday, read on …. Read More→

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Facebook Notes is a grea article marketing method

Facebook, one of the world’s biggest websites, now has a great app that let’s you do article marketing using its powerful platform. The app is called Notes.

The way it works is that you write articles just like you’d use for article directory marketing and paste them into your notes. These can be articles that offer valuable information about your niche or that pre sell your product. Lots of folks use them to write reviews.

The cool thing about it is that not only do Facebook users see it, but Google searchers see it as well. Google is indexing the content found in notes. This means that your articles can show up at the top of search results pages if they’re optimized properly.

How to Do It Read More→


Hello now the above question is a pretty frequent one that appears on many internet marketing forums, not necessarily with those exact words but that’s the general drift

Don't Get Confused!

So today I want to try and answer that with a couple of tips that I hope will make sense and get you started in the right direction.

When launching a marketing campaign for your website, traffic is the name of the game. Traffic is the lifeblood of your website. The success or failure of your online business depends upon how much traffic your website receives. And there is no question that one of the best (if not the best for most of us) sources of free traffic for your website is the search engines.

Search Engine Traffic is Vital

Here’s just a reminder, basic information I know but many loose sight of, people rely on the search engines for information. People have problems and are seeking answers and solutions. So they turn to the search engines for answers. So if you want your website to show up on the top of the first page of the search results for a particular search term, then you need to develop your website in such a way that when the search engines crawl your site, they will rank it well for the right keywords.

Here’s a reality check Read More→


To Ping Or Not To Ping

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Hi there and in this post I want to cover Pinging. Now if you’re fairly new to Internet marketing you’ll probably not know what it is, and whether you need to know. And that’s fine but its best to have as greater understanding of the whole internet marketing strategy list just so you can form your own opinions on what might or might not work for you so here goes….

Here’s the basics

Ping was originally designed in order to check whether a computer or network is online or exists at all. It basically sends a message from one network or server to another and the message comes back, kind of like radar. It’s a technique that can be used to get backlinks as well.

Pinging For Backlinks - The Key to Success?

Is it the key ? well you’ll need to answer that question yourself after Pinging for a while.

First of all, you can ping whenever you update your website or blog. This lets the search engines know that you’ve added new content. It often takes a while to get your updated content indexed, and pinging makes it faster. You can also ping your backlinks. Whenever you leave a backlink on another website, ping the search engines and they’ll crawl the link quicker.

How Often To Ping?

You can either ping each update or backlink manually on Google’s Blog Search page, or you can use an automated service. There are software programs that ping for you automatically, as well as online services like Ping-O-Matic, Pingler and Pingoat. When you use these programs, you don’t have to worry about it.

Ping can be used for any backlink that you leave, whether it’s a blog comment, a forum post, a forum profile, articles posted to directories or Web 2.0 sites, or absolutely anywhere else you leave a link. Read More→


Beat Writer's Block

Writing ebooks is a huge headache for most marketers. It’s especially tough if you’re not a writer. It can take you forever to crank the darn thing out. Of course, you can always hire a writer to do it for you, but that can get costly.

More Isn’t Better

First of all, when it comes to writing ebooks, more is not always better. People want a digital product that’s easy to consume. An ebook should be at least 20 pages or so, but it doesn’t have to be ‘War and Peace.’ Don’t try to tackle every aspect of your topic in one book. Take just one aspect and get into it, and save the rest for your other books. Read More→


 Lets be honest here so many website owners understand the need to get visitors to their sites, but they are their own worst enemies and quite often go about it totally in the wrong way. By making the wrong choices at the beginning or not making the right changes, they struggle to rank well in the search engines. The crucial first step to success is finding keywords you can rank well for. Now I know for many of you this sounds really obvious but you’d be amazed how many over look this plain fact all the time.

Ok Here’s Stating The Obvious I Know

The difference between getting ranked on the first page of the major search engines and not being there, even being on the second page, is huge. Even though it is great coming close to the first page for a competitive keyword, it still doesn’t unleash the potential of your site.

Traffic means Money Online

Over 95% of all search engine hits happen on webpages on the first page of search results. The higher up you are on the first page, the more hits you get with almost 75% of all clicks going to the websites in the first three positions.

Only The Top Counts

I am sure this makes it clear that you need to be at the top to see the results. This is where it becomes crucial to choose the right keyword that you can rank well for. You will find lots written about targeting long-tail keywords on search engine optimization websites. Long-tail keywords do get less hits than the shorter versions of the words, but in fact bring in much more targeted visitors.

Here’s How: Read More→