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Split testing is something that’s really simple but can also get complicated.  It basically means making two versions of the same site, email message, product, etc., and then running them both to see which one performs better.  When you find out which one performs better, you know what you need to change to increase your conversions.

For example, let’s say that you create two identical sales pages.  The only difference is that one has a sales letter at the top and the other has a video.  After several days of monitoring, you see that the video sales letter gets 44% more conversions than the text letter. 

Got it… nothing but sales letters from here on out!

That’s the science of split testing at work and it makes me all hot and tingly just thinking about it.  This is where you truly learn about Internet marketing, getting traffic and making money online.

Why Do You Need To Split Test? Read More→


Now today I want to cover off Landing Pages, what they are, why you need them and how to create one, so listen up because for those of you not that experienced so far, learning about landing pages is a really important aspect to ensuring your internet marketing performs, so here goes …..

Give It Careful Consideration

Your landing page basically determines your conversion rate – how many people are going to buy.  You need a really good one for any promotional campaign, or any product or service where you want your visitors to click the Buy Now button.  Landing pages are also known as squeeze pages because they squeeze the visitor to that button.

Eliminate Distractions

There are lots of good tips on how to make a good landing page, but the main rule is that it should be clean and free from distractions.  Everything on it should lead them straight down to that Buy Now button. Read More→


Hi being online is like any other business, its absolutely vital you keep your well educated and bang up to date with changes and technology advances. But most importantly it’s about the latest ways to communicate with your customers and being ahead of the marketing curve, so today we’re covering Google’s new mobile service

Yes, you need to go mobile.  If you’re website isn’t mobile-ready, get it ready because they say that by 2013, more people will be using mobile devices than PCs.  Gomo is Google’s new mobile service that’s supposed to help business turn their PC sites into mobile sites.

What Does Gomo Do?

What Gomo does is that it shows you what your site looks like mobile and tells you what you need to make it more mobile-friendly.  You just enter in your site’s URL and it shows you the mobile version of your site.  It evaluates how mobile it is and then makes recommendations on what you should change.

If your site doesn’t measure up in terms of mobility, the site has a huge listing of resources, vendors and service providers that specialize in mobilizing your site.  Everything you need is listed right there on their resource page. Read More→

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Today I’m going to cover what is a really fundamental element to your online success and unfortunately for many just starting out its one that’s often overlooked in the initial enthusiasm of getting online in a hurry.

Do Research First

And believe me we all make the same mistakes, Sam My wife and I when we first started out rushed over to GoDaddy and bought what we believed to be great domains for various niches, no research, no looking at how people were searching just what we thought sounded good. What a mistake that was, so read on and learn some key tips to getting a great domain …..

A good domain name is like a great piece of real estate property.  It’s your site’s home on the web.  It has a major influence on your traffic and sales.  A good, clean, keyword-rich domain name is worth a lot more than most people realize.  This is why it’s important to find good ones and sometimes to pay a pretty price for them.

Think Outside The Box Read More→


Hi and welcome back to Part II of my posts covering Keyword Research For Beginners. Ok so in my last post I showed you the real basics to finding keywords and I sincerely hope you’ve started to play around and got some worthwhile lists of words and phrases in your niche. Today I want to demonstrate how to check out the potential profitability of keywords to max out your potential

Picking The RIGHT Ones

In order to pick the right keywords, you need to keep three things in mind:

No. 1 –They must have a good number of searches (around 10,000, but the amount can vary).

 No. 2 – They must be relevant to your niche (don’t use cake molds if you have a toxic mold website!)

 No. 3 –And they have to be profitable. Read More→


Hi there and welcome back to my series of blog posts on how to get your slice of the multi million dollar eBook pie. In my last post I illustrated just how large this market is and growing all the time. But here’s the rub you’re keen to get involved, done some market research together with keywords and reckon you’ve discovered a hungry market just waiting for you to come along and offer a download information product (because guys that’s what an eBook is!) to solve their problems.

What’s The Hold Up Then? Read More→

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How To Start Researching a Niche

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How do you research a niche?

Ok so yesterday I identified the real pitfalls of not doing your research carefully and properly, now I know it sounded like I was being a little bit harsh but what you’ve got to remember is the opportunity with an online business is massive and low cost start up – but your main investment is going to be your time – don’t waste it because you can never, ever regain time, once its gone its gone

Don’t Kiss Goodbye to Time

So don’t be fooled into thinking ok low cost start up it doesn’t matter if I fail first time round – that’s just a plain daft approach and the worst thing is when you do start to fail you’ll get fed up, stop marketing and eventually give up – kiss goodbye to the exotic holidays, nice house and flash cars pipedream – you’ll be heading back to your boring day job!! So listen up do it right from the start. Read More→

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Hi today and tomorrow I’m keen to cover possibly one of the most important aspects of internet marketing and certainly information publishing and that is researching a niche properly, now there’s many ways to research a niche, too many to cover all here today, but I thought we’ll start with some pretty straight forward ones now and over the coming weeks there’ll be other posts covering other research techniques, so here goes..

Don’t Make Newbie Mistakes as We Did

The mistake made by a lot of newbie Internet marketers is that they jump into a niche without properly researching about it to find out if it is profitable or not. Now I know there will be some reading this thinking “Oh he’s talking about me” well listen up I’m actually talking about Sam & I because yes we’ve done it and paid the price in terms of huge amount of lost time, bit of marketing money but also huge frustration so don’t beat yourself up just move on, because the frustration is the worst – it causes this … Read More→

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Internet marketing is all about niches or the lack of them. How many times have you been at internet marketing & information publishing seminars, got talking to people over coffee in the break and the age old comment rears its ugly head “I haven’t found the right niche yet, I’m still researching it and that’s why I haven’t started my website, my online business will come together when I find time to decide on that niche” – come on we’ve all heard that one tons of times, (we may have been guilty ourselves here!!!) but swiftly moving on ………… Read More→

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Hi there and welcome back to the final 5 Top Tips for effective market research. This information will allow you to assess any niche, its viability for an information product and then how best to market that product on the Internet. As I’ve said before Internet marketing is a third technology, ie how to use the internet and two thirds marketing so don’t loose sight of that, it’s the marketing that gets the sales message in front of the right people and then sells a product Read More→

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