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Hi Toby & Sam Russell here, thanks for stopping by and welcome to our Blog about the internet marketing business we run together.

Our mission is pretty simple

We all know there’s money being made on the internet but its not as  simple as the many of the gurus would have us believe, when you part with your hard earned cash on their next “Turnkey Copy, paste & you’re a millionaire”

We know, we’ve been there – our bank account in the past was testament to that, plenty went out, not much came back!

After several false starts over the last few years we came back and devoted ‘proper’ time & commitment to internet marketing  & committed to achieving our

…which resulted in us seeing positive outcomes and achievements that we’d not seen before.

Join us on our journey and we’ll bring you news, information, tips and techniques that are working for us NOW in our online business. You’ll be able to take and use this in your own business and see the results you want to achieve.

We’ll tell you what we’re doing, what  we’re using, what works & what doesn’t and most importantly what’s making us money!!

Let’s move forward together, till the next time.


P.S. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have on the Blog, I read all of them and will respond.

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